Our brief was to match the client’s dreadlocks which she had grown for many years, so didn’t want a traditional wig to cover her alopecia, which was only at the crown of her head
We created this bespoke volumiser (crown extension) to match the client’s own hair – dreadlocks. At the consultation, our wig experts, designed a piece which had dreadlocks of the same length, width and length.
Our wig making department created an identical volumiser so the client could retain her dreadlocks, which were still growing in the area of her head which was unaffected her alopecia.
The volumiser size was calculated to ensure a good margin so it could be safely clipped into the client’s healthy hair and the client advised to have the clips moved regularly to reduce any tension on the healthy hair.
Volumisers are safer than hair extensions, because the volumiser is supported by the crown of the head, so there is no “drag” or “pull” on the hair, where the volumiser is clipped in place on the head. Hair extensions on the other hand “hang-off” hair and so add weight to the hair they are attached to and so can cause traction alopecia or hair breakage.