What our customers and the experts say

We are proud to say, and it is testament to our services, that some of our customers have been with us for over 40 years. We are delighted to share the endorsements of some customers and also of the experts who recommend the Raoul hair enhancement salon.

Losing my hair through chemotherapy was a pretty traumatic experience as someone who keeps fairly long hair.  I was, however, lucky enough to get help in choosing a wig from Liz, Irene and the team.  Whether it was in one of the appointments at the hospital – or in the shop itself when I visited to buy a new wig to see me through – I felt really supported.   There is a great atmosphere in the shop – it’s very friendly and welcoming.  I was also given some great top tips on a number of topics from cleaning and caring for wigs to products that can help with temporary eyebrow loss.
When I visited the shop Suzie and Liz made me feel really relaxed and showed me a huge variety of styles and lengths to choose from; fitting in fringe cuts there and then with the stylist so I didn’t have to make another hairdressing appointment.  Suzie was really thorough and patient going through all the different options with me and helping me to ultimately make a choice; I actually ended up going home with two wigs – one for now and one to help me transition to my own hair when it was long enough.
I’ve had loads of friends say they never even knew I was wearing a wig until it was pointed out – and the latest addition to the collection is going down a storm and is a softer style with waves that I’m thinking of adopting when my own hair gets longer again.  So not only has this experience minimised the trauma of losing my hair – it’s given me ideas for different styles to choose in the future.
WM, Buckinghamshire.

I am not the easiest person to please or am  I easily impressed. But I have to admit the Customer Service I received was excellent from the minute I entered your premises. I was  greeted with a smile and immediately offered tea, which is alway top of my priority list.
When I questioned the music playing, the lady was keen to listen to my feedback and without question had it changed to my personal choice. 
I believe that to be real Customer Service.
All of the staff I came into contact with were friendly and helpful, including the initial telephone conversations with Carmen and Ian.
You were completely honest with me from the start and did not try to sell me a product or push products of a higher price range, even though I was taking up your valuable time. You supplied me with lots of information and understood how sensitive  an issue female hair loss is.
If the opportunity presents itself I will have no hesitation in recommending the services of Raoul.
MD from West Sussex

I’ve had a lot of mixed experiences with new pieces, from quality and maintenance to hasty cuts and styling that damaged expensive wigs at the outset! This new wig is the absolute best quality I’ve encountered. Since I’ve had such trouble with styling and the first cut-ins in the past, I was very anxious. Liz’s team took their time and I left with a cut I’ve been the most confident in, with the highest-quality wig I’ve ever had.
JD London

My daughter and I have been very impressed by your professionalism in dealing with her problems.  You have made my daughter feel confident again. Thank you all so much.  
MC London

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to you, and all of your team for making my visit on Monday 7th March a calm and relaxed  experience. I am so pleased with my new wig. The way it has been customized to my specification.  Thank you and well done to the stylist who cut the wig.
Also, thank you to Natasha for her patience while I was choosing a wig.
BH London

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you! The wig is perfect, just what we wanted. My daughter is over the moon with her princess curls!
KG Richmond

I visited Liz after undergoing chemotherapy and battling with wigs and hair pieces. Although I had not lost all my hair I had gone from having long thick hair to short and sparse with my confidence taking a hit.

I had been wearing synthetic wigs which didn’t last longer than 3 months and limited me in what I could do in case of movement or ruining the texture of the wig.

I visited Liz who immediately made me feel at ease and recommended a hair system suitable to my hair and lifestyle. After an initial consultation, we discussed the style and colour and Liz matched the system to my own hair colour and texture.

Once the system arrived I could not believe the transformation and it relieved a lot of the stress I had been experiencing from my hair loss. It was attached to my own hair so it was secure, I could wash and style it and because it was real hair it felt really natural. I can now live life without any restrictions because of my hair or feel conscious of it looking unnatural.

My hair continued to grow underneath and grew back thicker and healthier because it wasn’t being exposed to any styling appliances.

I cannot recommend the system enough and all the staff were helpful, considerate and knowledgeable. Thanks to Liz, I had the hair I wanted and despite anything else that I had to deal with I still looked and felt good!

My hair was beginning to thin at the front and I really wanted to find a solution which did not involve me having to wear a full wig, as I have great hair at the back of my head. My Hairdresser suggested I look at Raoul’s Designer Hair Systems as a solution that could work for me.
Raoul’s came to my hairdresser’s salon, so I could have a 1:1 consultation. They let me try different style Hair Systems, listened to what I wanted and recommended their ¼ Hair System. My head was measured and a bespoke Hair System made for me, which clips on to my hair at the front of my head and blends perfectly into my own hair at the back. My hairdresser will highlight the Hair System at the same time I have my hair coloured and highlighted.
I am so please as this simple solution is easy to wear and looks completely natural.

Eve, Middlesex

The search for the perfect wig can be a long, hard road. I’ve had my fair share of bad experiences – wigs that are oversold and under perform on everything from the quality of the hair, to the lifespan and convincing, natural appearance of the wig itself. Then of course, you have the painful issue of price. Normally, well into the thousands of Pounds. Disguising your baldness can quickly become a lifelong vanity project, at the price of other needs and wants – like a holiday, a car, childcare – or even, saving up to buy your first home.

It’s fair to say that I’d given up finding my perfect wig until I met Liz. She not only shared my vision for how a wig should perform – she could actually deliver such a product. For a great cost and in a reasonable time frame! I really liked that she took the time to help me understand how the wig was made, and that she worked closely with me to create the wig I was looking for – everything from the ethnicity of hair, to the colour, the length, texture, density – and the even finishing touchings on the base. The result is a wig that is completely bespoke and designed to offer exactly what you’re looking for. And the wigs I’ve ordered from Liz have outperformed my expectations, every time.

I always look forward to coming into Raoul’s. Not only am I comfortable from the moment I walk through the door, I’m actually excited to discuss the next wig, the next look – to think about who I want to be, tomorrow. The whole team make it enjoyable and relaxed. Plus, It’s always a real pleasure seeing Liz. She’s so friendly and welcoming. And, she’s full of great tips and tricks to extend the life of your wig. They’re really into helping you get the best out of it, and the most value for your money.

For all these years, I’ve been searching for the right wig. Now I know that it starts with finding the right place and the right people – that’s why I’ll keep coming back to at Raoul’s.